Kitematic for Linux

Missing the oh-so-awesome Kitematic on Ubuntu and jealous of your friendly Mac OS X and Windows cousins? It’s a simple webapp available as a docker image.

I only had to forcefully stop the image with a ‘docker stop kitematic’ command, and further re-run with a standard ‘docker start kitematic’ command.

Note this this article describes running kitematic in an isolated network zone named ‘host’ – so no visibility by default to your other running images. Change the –net parameter to fix that.



Mac OS X Mavericks: Finder Slow or Unresponsive? Blame App Nap.

I’m partial when it comes to acknowledging Mac OS X’s quirks (having used Windows for a very long time), but there are things and there are…things.

After OS X Mavericks upgrade, I had two big qualms with Finder:

  • It would go unresponsive for about 10-15 seconds after a wake from suspend. Consistently. Every-single-time.
  • It would blink for about 4-5 seconds before loading any directory. Throughout.

This Apple support thread has a post from rubyreddevon that indicated that AppNap might be the culprit.

Issuing this:

sudo defaults write NSAppSleepDisabled -bool YES

The AppNap integration was disabled, and presto, Finder shines and is zippy again.

Update: This way or the Menu way: Two ways to AppNap integration management for Mac Apps.

Bash Party: RIP exec inside find

I use find too frequently to search for things, and most often, spawn some external command using -exec to process the results individually. This ars article gave a pretty neat idea to speed up find/exec to order of 10+ times; the technique uses xargs to remove the execution loop.

This is a sample run from my Ubuntu box:

$ time find . -name '*.properties' -exec wc -l {} \; -print
real    0m1.788s
user    0m0.096s
sys    0m0.120s

$ time find . -name '*.properties' -print0 | xargs -0 wc -l
real    0m0.169s
user    0m0.044s
sys    0m0.096s